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Join us, Robert & Hollie Holden, for ongoing teachings, community and support at  Everyday MIRACLES.

A Path of Miracles

working with a course in miracles

inner peace
Connecting each day to inspiration, guidance and grace.

loving relationships
Healing the blocks to love, forgiveness and happiness.

world healing
Living with purpose and leading with courage, love and service.

A Course in Miracles has inspired a generation of thought leaders and spiritual teachers such as Eckhart Tolle, Oprah Winfrey, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Gabby Bernstein, Alan Cohen and many others. This much-loved book is hailed as a modern spiritual classic that offers timeless wisdom and inspiration for the world today.

A Course in Miracles: book cover

Experience Miracles Together

A Course in Miracles offers a spiritual training to help shift your experience of the world from fear to love. It is studied by millions of people worldwide – from all faiths and backgrounds – dedicated to spiritual growth and world peace.

The Course is so inspiring but it can be overwhelming and difficult to study it alone. In EVERYDAY MIRACLES we join together to support and help each other to choose love and purpose over fear.  

Jacqui Bull, student of a Course in Miracles
“The EVERYDAY MIRACLES community has been a source of knowledge, understanding, respite, validation and comfort this year. Thank you for EVERYDAY MIRACLES. So much love for everyone who is a part of it.”
Jacqui Bull | London, UK

Spiritual Direction

Daily inspiration, weekly classes, and monthly webinars to help you stay on course all year.


Safe and loving space to help you rest, heal and reset yourself on your spiritual path.


A global, diverse community of kindred spirits dedicated to spiritual growth and service.

Unfortunately, registration for 2023 is now closed :(
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There is a place in you where 
nothing is impossible. Tthere is a place in you where
 the strength of God
 — A Course in Miracles

This Is For You If...

Marianne Adjei, student of a Course in Miracles
“EVERYDAY MIRACLES has been a daily invitation to lean into Love. Being part of the group has really helped me to include all encounters and relationships within the space of the Miracle.”
marianne adjei | London, UK

About Robert & Hollie

Your guides for this journey

Robert and Hollie Holden are the hosts of EVERYDAY MIRACLES. They are students of A Course in Miracles and teach worldwide.

Robert Holden, headshot. A Course in Miracles teacher.

Robert Holden is a Patron of the Miracle Network. He is the author of Holy Shift! 365 Meditations from A Course in Miracles and Higher Purpose: Finding More Inspiration, Meaning and Purpose In Your Life.

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Robert’s work in spirituality and psychology has been featured on Oprah, Good Morning America, a PBS special called Shift Happens! and two major BBC documentaries. He teaches seminars and spiritual retreats worldwide. He has presented two TED talks. He is the author of 12 books including Happiness NOW!, Shift Happens!, Authentic Success, Be Happy, Loveability, and Life Loves You (with Louise Hay). His latest book is Higher Purpose: Finding More Inspiration, Meaning and Purpose In Your Life.


Hollie Holden, headshot. Teacher of a Course in Miracles

Hollie Holden is a mother, artist, writer and an ordained interfaith minister. Her journey with the Course began back in her late teens.

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Hollie found the blue and gold book on her mum’s bedside table and instantly connected with it. She is the creator of the Presence of Love online study group and has spoken at many Miracles conferences. She has co-presented Miracles retreats with Robert, and they co-created the Everyday Miracles card deck, featuring 50 Lessons from A Course in Miracles – published by Hay House. Hollie shares her awareness with over 27,000 fellow truth lovers on her Facebook blog. Her dedication led her to audio record all 365 workbook lessons and create commentaries for each of the lessons. She is passionate about leading fellow ACIM students through the Course with warmth, humour and wisdom.

Hear from members of our EVERYDAY MIRACLES community who have participated in past years:
“The EVERYDAY MIRACLES group is a blessing in my life. Hollie and Robert are deeply insightful and their work truly comes from a place of love. As a collective, the group provides a safe environment for exchange of ideas and a loving and supportive community.”
bob berry | Portland, Oregon, USA
“During my first year studying A Course in Miracles, I approached it with a discipline aimed at understanding the language. During year two, this morphed into allowing its beauty and bounty to touch me on a different level.”
Joan Macmaster | Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK
“The EVERYDAY MIRACLES group has been an essential part of my ability to feel connected, grounded, open and held, and to continue to stand for love, even in the midst of these very challenging and uncertain times.”
Odette Vaccaro | Orlando, Florida, USA
There is a place in you where 
nothing is impossible. Tthere is a place in you where
 the strength of God
 — A Course in Miracles

Say Yes to Miracles

Here’s what you’ll receive with
Everyday Miracles

daily acim lessons

Listen to the daily lesson read by Hollie as part of your daily practice. Don’t worry if you miss a day; you can always go back in time to review past lessons. The journey is forgiving.

daily commentaries

Access to Hollie’s daily commentaries on the Workbook lessons, featuring helpful tips and teaching stories and accessible explanations of the principles.

Monday Miracle Class

Robert & Hollie host a 20-minute (approximately) live class each Monday 9 am PT | 5 pm UK – offering a short practice/meditation for the week. You can join the live class or watch the recording.

monthly miracles webinar

Hollie & Robert host a monthly 90-minute Miracles Webinar – offering in-depth study on key ACIM principles and themes like purpose, relationships, forgiveness, and healing. Plus lots of time for Q&A. There are bonus webinars throughout the year, open to all and scheduled to be most convenient for our Southern Hemisphere members.

Q&A Sessions with Hollie

Hollie hosts several 60-minute member Q&A sessions throughout the year to address your questions in real time. These are in addition to the Q&A sessions included with your monthly webinars.

Miracle Members’ Area

This is your online portal for access to the daily ACIM lessons, Monday classes, Monthly Webinars and Miracles Library. You’ll find everything you need here!

private facebook group

Access to a friendly and highly engaged international Facebook Community. Here you can ask for support via our prayer circle, celebrate your miracles, and connect with miracle-minded friends.

miracles offerings

Hollie & Robert offer exclusive recordings as gift from their own practice and understanding of ACIM. Practical tips, meditations, embodiment practices, conversations with teachers and students and guidance on how to deepen ACIM principles in your everyday life.

Unfortunately, registration for 2023 is now closed :(
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Everyday Miracles 2024!
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Special Bonuses

you receive three bonuses with your subscription!

Dialogue on Forgiveness

Robert speaks with his friend and mentor, Tom Carpenter, creator of The Forgiveness Network and spiritual teacher

Teach Only Love

Robert interviews Alan Cohen, author of Miracles Made Easy

Self Love and Miracles

A powerful conversation between Hollie and her dear friend Viva Aikins on practical ways to live love in the world.


curious About what it’s like?

Monday Miracles Class: Sample

Classes explore a weekly theme which follows the monthly topic. In this class, Robert shares a personal experience as an example of gratitude, abundance and our natural inheritance from God.  Hollie adds her own practical insight and teaching as they co-create this class.

Monthly Miracles Webinar: sample

Once a month we gather for a 90-minute live webinar that includes member Q&A. Experience Robert and Hollie’s teaching style in this recording of their “Holy Relationships” webinar. Note the Q&A portion has been deleted to protect the privacy of our members.

Hollie’s Daily Commentary: sample

Many of our members follow the daily lessons from  A Course in Miracles and love Hollie’s personal commentary on each one. In this short video she shares her commentary on Lesson 41 “God goes with me wherever I go.”

Join Our International Community

You are welcome here!

When studying A Course in Miracles alone, it can be tricky to explore the teachings outside of the lens of your own experience, and to embody it. Whether you’re new to A Course in Miracles or have been studying for years, our supportive community is here to expand, enhance and deepen your understanding of the material through exchanges and inquiries shared in a safe environment. Our community is a place to learn, grow, and be supported!

Our Journey Includes These Themes

themes we’ll explore together

Saying YES to Miracles

A Course on Love

The Light Within You

The Gift of Forgiveness

Healing and Wholeness

Loving Relationships

For Challenging Times

An Inspired Life

The Spiritual Path

Living Your Purpose

Everyday Abundance

The Christ in You

There is a place in you where 
nothing is impossible. Tthere is a place in you where
 the strength of God
 — A Course in Miracles

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Unfortunately, registration for 2023 is now closed :(
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Everyday Miracles 2024!

annual Public MIRACLE gathering

Special Gift:
EVERYDAY MIRACLES members receive a discount and priority booking for our next public Miracle Event scheduled for Fri 6th - Sun 8th June, 2024 in London.

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What happens when I join EVERYDAY MIRACLES?

Once you become a member, you'll receive an email with a warm welcome from Robert and Hollie with specific steps on how to gently and easily begin this amazing journey!

You'll have immediate access to your Members' Area. Here you'll open the START HERE section to find everything you need including Zoom details, time and dates for all gatherings, and short videos to support your study with us.

What do I get with my EVERYDAY MIRACLES membership?

Your membership includes:

* 20-30 minute live Monday Miracles class each week
* 90-minute live Monthly Miracles Webinar with Q&A
* 3 bonus 90-minute webinars scheduled to be most convenient for the Southern Hemisphere
* Several 60-minute live Q&A Sessions with Hollie scheduled throughout the year
* ACIM daily Workbook lessons read by Hollie with her commentaries
* Members' Area with all session recordings, daily ACIM lessons, and Miracles Library
* Miracle Offerings by Robert and Hollie
* Private Facebook Community
* Exclusive Enrollment Bonuses
* Full access to your Members' Area content throughout the duration of your membership
* Discounted ticket for the Annual Public Miracles Event

How much time each week will this take?

That's up to you! You can spend as much, or as little, time as you choose each week based on your own schedule. We encourage a consistent practice whenever possible.

Some members choose to go into the Members' Area and work with the daily lessons in A Course in Miracles. Depending on the lesson, this can take 2 to 20 minutes.

Many members never miss the 20-30 minute Monday Miracles class either live (9am PT / 5pm UK) or watch the recording.

There is also the 90-minute live Monthly Miracles Webinar typically on the last Thursday of the month at 8am PT | 4pm UK time.

As a member, you have access to everything! 

How much teaching do Robert and Hollie do?

A lot! Robert and Hollie are very hands on. They host a weekly live Monday Miracles class to help you set an intention to experience miracles in the week ahead. They also host a live monthly webinar that deeply explores a specific theme and has time for a member Q&A. Robert and Hollie offer 3 bonus webinars throughout the year, open to all but scheduled to be convenient for our Southern Hemisphere members. In addition, Hollie offers several live 60 minute Q&A sessions for members. This totals over 50 hours of live teaching annually!

Can I ask Robert and Hollie questions?

Yes! Each month Robert and Hollie host a 90-minute live Miracles Webinar with plenty of time for Q&A. Hollie also hosts several live Q&A member sessions throughout the year.

What if I miss a live class or webinar, or live in a different time zone?

Everything is recorded! Find everything in the Members’ Area for you to watch at your convenience. Robert and Hollie also host several bonus webinars throughout the year at times most convenient for our Southern Hemisphere members.

Do I have to be familiar with the A Course in Miracles content to join?

We have designed EVERYDAY MIRACLES to support everyone who is drawn to study A Course in Miracles. From beginners to experienced students, everyone is welcome. In addition to Robert and Hollie's teachings, our community supports each other through the private Facebook group. Members often grow together by forming small study groups from within the membership to enhance their practice.

What happens if I fall behind?

Don’t worry, you can't fall behind! The purpose of the Monday class is to reset ourselves every week! You have access to all content as long as you're a member so you can learn at your own pace. We created EVERYDAY MIRACLES to support each other in staying on course, getting back on track, and re-setting ourselves each day.

Can I download content from the membership area?

The content is not downloadable and you will have access to the content for the duration of your membership.

Do I have access to the membership content if I cancel?

Once you cancel you will no longer have access to the content in your membership area.

What if I have a question about the membership?

We have a wonderful team headed by our Community Manager who can answer questions about your EVERYDAY MIRACLES membership. Write to everydaymiracles@robertholden.com.

How do I access the classes if I am hearing impaired?

In every class, you have the choice to switch on subtitles.

What is the cancellation policy?

We offer a full refund within 30-days of your initial purchase. Submit your request to everydaymiracles@robertholden.com and put "Refund" in the subject line.

When your membership renews, you will have 30 days from the renewal date to cancel your membership.

Prepare Yourself for Miracles Today

This is a time for powerful change!

In our world today, we're all being called to step forward to shine our light and offer our love. Let's together create a climate change from fear to love. We look forward to welcoming you to our EVERYDAY MIRACLES community.

Unfortunately, registration for 2023 is now closed :(
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There is a place in you where 
nothing is impossible. Tthere is a place in you where
 the strength of God
 — A Course in MiraclesA Course in Miracles: new book cover design