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 This Week’s Inquiry

This is the ultimate expression of commitment, of single-heartedness and it is the invitation the Course extends to us over and over again- choose this Love over all your thoughts, distractions, small self will. Make this central, more important than everything else. And you will know the truth and you will know Who You Are.

May our thoughts, actions and practicing be guided this week by the beauty and stillness of Teresa of Avila and her steadfast commitment to Love

Each Monday, Hollie and/or Robert host a weekly Miracle Meditation on our Everyday Miracles Facebook group at 1pm GMT/8am EST. Each Miracle Meditation focuses on a major teaching from A Course in Miracles like, “love”, “relationships”, “forgiveness” and “miracles”.

The weekly Miracle Meditation is recorded live, and is 10-15 minutes approx. in length, so please join us if you can.

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