This is an interview with my dear friend Patricia Campbell-Parker in which we will discuss how to bring the teaching of A Course in Miracles into the practice of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping.


june 2019

Week 26: Hollie shares her wisdom about the process of excavation, being in the “AND”, oh and a few language tips too.



JUNE 2019

Week 25: What are the gifts you are bringing to the world? In this short video Christopher shares his unique gift in the world today.


MARCH 2019

Hi Everyone - I've got a treat for you!! I'm in Seattle visiting Tom and Linda Carpenter. Here is Tom reading Lesson 78: Let Miracles Replace All Grievances.


January 2019

5 Tips for Studying ACIM Every Day

Question: Do you have any practical tips for staying on course with ACIM each and every day?

Robert has been doing the lessons from A Course in Miracles for over twenty years now. In this short film, he shares five practical tools that help him to practice the daily lessons of A Course in Miracles each and every day.


January 2019

Practicing Self-Love While Studying The Course

Question: Do you have any advice how best to approach a daily study of ACIM?

Hollie has supported over 2,000 followers on her Presence of Love FB group over the last two years on how best to experience the Course. In this short film, Hollie encourages you to approach the Course with self-compassion and soft-heartedness rather than our habitual internal criticism.